Monday, November 30, 2009

Throwing Rolls At You

I first heard of a restaurant that threw rolls to their patrons on the Sonny Bloch financial show in the 1990's. He was talking to a listener somewhere in Missouri and the topic of a diner that threw your rolls to you came up. Based on that conversation I knew I had to go there someday.

We made it to their Foley, Alabama location tonight. And loved it.

Lambert's is famous for their thrown rolls. Rolls fresh from the oven were brought down aisles and tossed to waiting patrons.

But the food was something else. Generous portions, fair prices and friendly service in a clean place to eat. Who could ask for more.

Another unique feature is they walk around with bowls of fried okra, pan fried potatoes, pinto beans, mac and tomatoes and cabbage. All you cared to eat. And with an abundant meal.

I had the hog jowls. Diana settled for a cheese burger. The hog jowls tasted like pan fried ham.

No one can ever claim to walk away from Lambert's with an empty stomach. They see to that.

All in all, a great experience and a highly recommended place.

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Skyring said...

Oh yeah! Lambert's Cafe is a legend. I loved it! I even commenced a blog based on a meal there:

Pete in Canberra