Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WTVN After Top 40

For a short period of time, WTVN experimented with a Top 40 type format. Dave Hull did mornings, Jim Runyon afternoons, Bob Ancell did evenings. The format lasted about a year and the station went to a more adult format in February of 62.

No longer were the names of announcers listed as shows in the Radio Grids in the Dispatch and Citizen Journal. Instead generic show names were used. Such as Nocturne, Serenade, Matinee. It was during this time that Dave Logan, a long time midday personality was hired. But it's been difficult to find who else was working at the station. The top 40 guys had left when the format changed.

In October of 1962, the station returned to a more personality driven format. Spook Beckman returned as afternoon host, of course Dave Logan was the midday host. Tom George who became better known as a country radio host handled mornings and Jim Lohse was the evening host. A fellow by the name of Jerry Kaye handled late night duties. But other than Spook and Dave Logan, the other hosts came sometime between the change from top 40 and the return to personality in the format. So who handled the shifts or was George, Logan, Lohse and Kaye the guys. Of course, who did Spook replace?