Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funny Line

If you know me, you know I love irony. The other is I don't write about my real job.

Today I make the exception about the latter to share something of the former.

While talking on the phone the other day to a lady I work with we were discussing the days that never seem to end and how recently they seem to have become more frequent.

Now before you go off on my like Dan Miller at a seminar full of non fulfilled employees, I work very hard at doing what I need to do now so that at some point I can find what it is I was designed to do so I can do it and do it well. And I will admit that there are days when it's more effort to put on my game face than to actually do the work.

But back to the phone conversation. The lady was discussing her personal burnout situation. The line she used is she would love to be a stay at home mom...........without kids.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frankly Scarlet............I Was Born Here

My previous post about the Perfect Partner and it's tie in with Gone With the Wind reminded me that not too far from home is the birthplace of the leading male character of the movie Rhett Butler. Out of that character, he was better known as Clark Gable.

So, on a snowy late Sunday afternoon we headed east to visit the place where Rhett Butler was really born. (Sorry the photos are a bit dark as they were taken after the sun had set. We got a late start and wasn't able to take advantage of the daylight.)

Gable was born in the small eastern Ohio town of Cadiz, Ohio in 1901. It is assumed he was given the name William Clark Gable, as many "official" records contain disputed information.

The home in the picture is a replica of the home Gable was born in, however the house is situated on the original lot. It's reported that the original home was torn down in the early 1960's.

The stone monument was one of the first steps to recognize one of the towns most famous previous residents. It was erected in 1986 on the site of Gable's birth.

The reconstructed birth house was dedicated in January, 1998. It supposedly is an exact replica of the home including many pieces of period furniture and loaded with memorabilia of Gable's career, including a Cadillac once owned by Gable.

Cadiz also was home to another person of great fame.

John Armor Bingham, while not born in Cadiz, also lived in the village. Bingham's claim to fame was severing as one of three prosecutors of the co-conspirators of Abraham Lincoln's assignation. The trial concluded with 8 convictions and made history when Mary Surratt was the first woman in the United States to be executed for a crime.

Bingham was also involved as a prosecutor in the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson and an architect of the 14th Amendment.