Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RIP Vernon with a V

Bob Vernon in real life was Robert Cozart.  I first became aware of him when he was doing afternoons on WGAR in Cleveland.  I instantly fell in love with his work on air.  
I would later find out that Lima, Ohio native Bob had worked for WBUK here in Columbus in the late 60's, then went to Painesville.  He was offered a weekend gig at WGAR and knew he would irritate the Painesville management by using his real name, so thus was born Bob Vernon and Vernon with a V.  Bob was only in Cleveland a few years before moving with Jack Thayer to New York City to host afternoons on WNBC.  After a few years there, he would move to television and was last seen in the Raliegh-Durham market after a 17+ year run in the market.  A previous stint in Kentucky earned him the title of Kentucky Colonel.  After retirement, he moved to Colorado to be closer to grandchildren.  Bob died of a blood disease at the age of 70.

RIP Vernon with a V. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

John Fraim

Heard some disappointing news.  I for a few weeks had read John Fraim's column in the Logan News and noticed they had ended in June of this year.  I called the paper and they indicated John had taken a fall and was not able write the column. 

I know Mr. Fraim has accessed this blog in the past.  If he sees this, let me pass on sincere wishes that his recovery proceed quickly.