Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah or Palinized

Sarah Palin came to Columbus for a book signing Friday evening.

Although not a huge fan, I thought if it were possible to get a book signed by the former Governor and current toast of all things to the right of Rush Limbaugh, I figured what the heck. Maybe she would even kiss it with her pit bull/soccer mom lipstick and leave an imprint.

So we headed up to Dublin to check out the scene.

When we arrived, we found a large line snaking out of the bookstore and down the sidewalk past several store fronts. Although I have no true experience estimating crowd size, my best guess was there were somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 people attempting to get a chance to meet their hero and get a book signed.

Standing at the end of the long line, I decided to actually walk into the store and find out what the deal was.

Palin had agreed to sign 500 books between 6 and 9 pm. Wrist bands were distributed on a first come, first serve basis when the store openned. My chance to see and get a book signed was quickly estimated to be somewhere between nil and zero.

So I thought I'd get a shot of the Palin bus, a few shots of the crowd and a picture of the signs (and I was surprised there were so few either supporting or not supporting her). The only exchange I witnessed was between the two sign holders and each respectfully advanced their views without yelling or taunting. That was pretty neat.

The guy selling buttons wasn't doing much business for some reason.

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