Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Children and Saturday

This one is a little late in getting posted.

Two weekends ago Diana and I had her grandchildren over night. On Saturday we decided since the weather was nice this late into fall, we needed to get out and explore!

After running some errands we were off to Blendon Woods Metro Park to walk some of teh trails and get some last minute leaf playing in before dampness killed the fun.

But the jackpot portion of the day was a trip to Marion.

Friday evening Renee had said that she would like to see the big Lincoln statue. We told here that it's located in Washington DC and that Diana and I had gone there before and had seen it. I loaded the pictures up on the computer and showed her our pics and also showed here where we saw the Lincoln tomb in Springfield, Illinois over Labor Day weekend.

Renee said she would love to see that too!

Putting my thinking cap on, I quickly thought we could head off to Marion and show Renee and Dylan the Harding Memorial and tomb.

So off we went.

What was neat was to see these kids light up when they saw the memorial. They really thought it was neat to see where a President was buried and the beauty of the facility. Most impressive to them was an area that told of the monument being built and that children had saved their pennies to make the memorial a reality.

We wrapped up the day with a quick stop at the Harding home also in Marion.

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