Saturday, November 14, 2009

More on Green Acres aka WRFD

Found the below as I was looking through some old publications. In the early 70's and possibly even beginning in the late 60's, WRFD left the Middle of The Road and became a foreground country music station becoming known as Ohio's Country Giant. The attempt was to tie in the agricultural portion of the programming with the music portion. I really can't say if it worked or not, as the format only remained in place a few years. Did it not work well because of the image of Country at the time? You know. Being Country when Country wasn't cool? Or was the fact that daytime only stations were quickly facing death financially no matter the format?

I do remember hearing people say they used to listen to the station before it went Country, so that could have been an indication as to why Country didn't remain on teh station long.

Also find a clip from Billboard Magazine featuring program director Len Anthony and Robert W. Knight when the station made the transition to oldies.

I had also forgotten that Ed Johnson, the farm broadcaster was at one time one of the voices of the football Buckeyes. More on him some time later.

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