Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jib Jab

To most people, when they hear the words Jib Jab, they think of the political comedy spoofs streaming periodically on the internet. And while I am very aware of and enjoy their work, to me Jib Jab means a great place to get a hot dog.

While heading to Niles to see the McKinley museum, we took a detour to Girrard, Ohio to Jib Jab Hot Dogs. Having been there late last spring, we looked forward to the return visit.

I've already chronicled another great hot dog place here. And while Jib Jab doesn't have the ambieance that Hillbilly Hotdogs has, it does have hot dogs with great taste. And a neat feature is the hot sauces made available (see last photo) to spice up your dogs.

If you're up Youngstown way, make Jib Jab a stop.

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