Saturday, August 9, 2008

Leader of the Band

Diana and I attended the Ohio State Fair today. While at the fair, we stopped to listen to the All Ohio High School Fair Band.

The band has something of a special meaning to me, as two of very close friends of mine, Gene Oliver and Rob Luikart,had the honor to play in the band during the early 70's. For people in the high school bands and orchestras, it was considered an honor to be nominated and selected to play in the group.

Today while watching, the show had a slight change in the program. In the audience was former Ohio Governor and current US Senator George Voinivich.

The fair is a public relations treat for the Governor. And among the honors is the Governor has the chance to lead the Fair Band in playing Stars and Stripes Forever.

Voinivich once again was asked to take the baton and do the honors.

It was good to see the Senator and as always wonderful to hear the band play.

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