Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Voice Mail Hell

I was recently reading a blog that discusses poor customer service. The example given was a recent encounter with Verizon and their voicemail operated automated attendant.

I've got to agree, Verizon has one of the worst run mechanical secretaries I've ever run into. But it also seems to be a characteristic of most land line or cellular companies. You simply have a terribly difficult time getting to a live person no matter what company you are attempting to contact. Communications companies that find it hard to communicate.

Even more insulting is along the way they ask you to enter your phone number and then when a live person is finally on the line one the first things they ask you is your phone number. Excuse me, didn't I enter it about 20 minutes ago as I tried to navigate my way through the circuitry to finally talk to you?

And what about the company that answers with "Thank you for calling the XYZ. Hey, we hate these machines too, so to get you to a real live person.....yada, yada, yada." Anyone find it ironic that even though they hate the machine, they are using the machine? And admitting they hate it!

Pretzel logic.

If they hate the machine, then why use the machine? As Dr. Phil would say "Get Real!"

Evidently they like it enough to save the salary of whoever they would have to hire to man the phone and give assistance.

But they aren't openly saying that.

I guess by saying they hate it too, they are giving their callers what I would describe as a digital Oprah moment. Digital empathy. If technology improves, maybe their automated attendant will begin recommending new age books and have an interview with Tom Cruise too!

Oddly, that's the recording you get if you call them on their dime. Their 800 number. On your dime, if you call their local number with toll charges being your burden, you get an answer by the 2nd or 3rd ring and a delightful southern voice willing to assist you.

I guess you get what you pay for.

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