Monday, August 25, 2008

Passing the Torch

I've never been a fan of Ted Kennedy.

But I will have to admit his appearance at the Democratic convention Monday night displayed the grit of the man. While philosophically different than me, his speech, despite brain cancer and chemo showed the ability of people to dig deep and do something unique when it's important to them.

Tonight, Senator Kennedy talked of passing the torch to new generation.

Whether Senator Obama wins the White House or not, Senator Kennedy was probably correct. The torch has been passed in the Democratic Party. To a new generation. A generation whose ideas are quite different than those of their fathers and their fathers before them.

Some are quite unique. Others I'm not so sure about.

Senator Kennedy made a pledge to be at Senator Obama's inauguration in January. Again, whether this November's winner is Senator Obama or Senator McCain, my guess is with spunk and grit Senator Kennedy will witness the swearing in.

His appearance and speech tonight was both touching and inspirational.

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