Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great Father's Day

All I can say is what a neat Fathers Day. My son Brian aka Moose and his wife Abby treated Diana and me to a day of what Dad likes best.

We began the day with a late breakfast at the Hamburger Inn. I only have a photo of the back entrance, but this place is the real McCoy. They bake fresh their hamburger buns, the fries are from freshly peeled potatoes and make a variety of pastries. The back entrance takes you through the kitchen area, while the actual dining area also has the grill area where breakfast and sandwiches are made to order. I can't say enough about the place. This is one place where greasy spoon is truly a complement.
Next we were off to Marblehead to the lighthouse. I've written before about the lighthouse. This is truly one of the neatest places I've ever been. There is something about the lighthouse and the lake that remove all the toxins from your body.

The problem is, the toxin removal is an exhausting experience. We were only there for a short period of time and then we were off to Toledo.

Toledo is the home of another of my favorite restaurants. The place made famous by Corporal Maxwell Klinger on M*A*S*H. Tony Packo's.

I've always love the cabbage rolls and sausage made there. This weekend was no let down.The other neat thing is they have walls of celebrity and politician autographs....on hotdog buns.

Legend has it the hotdog bun signing began with Burt Reynolds in the 70's and continues to this day with everyone who is anyone that stops in Toledo leaving their autograph. Presidents, first lady's, presidential wanna bes, rock stars, crooners, big band artists, country singers. They've all been there and signed a bun.

We did a couple of other stops along the way, but these were the highlights.

Thanks to my neat son and his lovely wife. And to my wife Diana for joining us for all the fun.

It was truly a day to remember.

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