Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I Do This

This morning while eating breakfast, I found a back copy of the "Reynoldburg News". I don't live in Reynoldsburg, but I enjoy reading about what's happening in the suburbs that surround my area. I'm also for lack of a better term, a dumpster diver. I found the paper in the recycle bin where I ate.

Now what does eating breakfast, reading a discarded newspaper and this blog have in common? A simple column of commentary.

Columnist Chris Miles wrote about how he began a life long love of baseball. And broadcaster/play by play announcer Ernie Harwell was a huge part of it.

He went on to share that he was able to go to a Harwell speaking engagement and took his young daughter with him. There is nothing neater to me than sharing with your child something that was near and dear to you as a child growing up.

What Chris wrote in that column is exactly what I've tried to capture here as I have written about those who I listened to as a child, teen and adult on the radio. Chris captured the magic of what radio is all about. Communication of the event being covered and connection with the listener. And that's what I've tried to capure as I've written about Irwin Johnson, John Fraim, Dave Logan (who I've yet to write about), Bob Conners, Bill Smith and others were people who I listened to through the years and gave me a life long love of broadcasting.

I really enjoyed Chris's column. And he put into words so much better than I could ever do something that touched his life and then memorializing it in words.

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