Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Ultimate Galivant

Over Labor Day weekend, we logged over 3400 miles in a quest to explore places we've never been or are on our bucket list.

I've long had a desire to see the origins of the Mississippi River. I also in the past few years have made it a goal to see all 50 states in the US before I'm looking up at the daisies.

We began our journey the Friday afternoon before the weekend. After dinner in Effingham, Illinois we settled in for the night in St. Louis.

While St. Louis is known for the Arch, officially welcoming people to the west, it has much more to see do and learn in and around the city.

Another interesting structure is the Old Courthouse that held the famous Dred Scott trial.

We've decided another trip to St. Louis would be in order to get a better feeling for the city and area.

We continued on with our journey and headed westward through Missiour along I-70. We came upon the Fulton exit and found that Winston Churchill had made his famous speech about the Iron Curtain that was going to seperate Eastern Soviet influenced Europe from Western Europe

St. Louis is also where we first crossed the Mississippi River on our trip.

Unfortunately, this was the only day we experienced rain and we didn't leave the car to explore these and other treats in the city as they should be. Plus we had a huge day in front of us as you'll soon learn.

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