Thursday, July 30, 2009

Date Night

We really need to do this more often.

Diana and I met for a date tonight. We toured the Columbus Museum of Art. And the price was right too. During July and August, the gallery is free to the public.

I saw my first Monet, Matise, Renoir and actual Norman Rockwell works.

In addition, the museum had exhibits by George Tooker and Kojo a local photographer who has had numerous photos published.

These two exhibits were my favorites. Kojo's work featured photos in both color and black and white and focused mostly on Columbus scenes. Many depicted as aspect of African American life in the city. Man of the scenes were of Columbus in days gone by.

Tooker had a collection of several works from the various "periods" of efforts. Tookers work focused on a subliminal aspect of the human condition. The link to The Waiting Room is a good example. Tooker painted using egg yolk thickened slightly with water and then adding powdered pigment, a medium that was quick drying. The quick drying medium was not always easy to work with and the results were usually permanent.

One of the most interesting and shall I say almost real looking was Evan Perry's "Back of Kelly" Kelly looks almost real.

We capped the evening with dinner at the always great Top Steakhouse.

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