Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some like Almond Joy. I Prefer Mounds

Saturday was an easy going day. Diana and I left her grandsons birthday party and traveled south through the western edge of Fairfield County. We stopped for a break in Lockport (more on that in a later blog) and then worked our way toward Tar Hollow State Park (you'll learn more about that later too!)

Toward the close of the day, we worked our way back toward the major highways leading back to Columbus. That journey took us to Chillocothe, the home of the Mound City Group.

The placard leading to the park shows the layout of the mounds. 23 Mounds remain after various excavations, surrounded by a ring mound.

The photo to the left shows a portion of the outer ring surrounding a couple of the inner mounds.

The Mounds are believed to the burial and ceremonial grounds of the Hopewell Indians. The Indians lived in what is now Ohio between 200 BC and 400 AD. Numerous artifacts and ash have been excavated from the mounds. One mound held many smoking pipes. Almost all were carved into very intricate shapes and forms.

While not as famous as the Serpent Mound in Ohio, which was believed to be built by the Adena Indians, this area is still in a beautiful setting.

Ohio has a number of mounds including at least one in the city of Columbus.

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