Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mundi, Mundi

In 1990, I was fortunate enough to take a tour of Europe. The first stop as was the last was Munich, Germany. The tour was basically a circle tour of Europe's Alpine region.

While in Munich, I encountered a lady I would never forget. I met her in a church located in the Marienplatz. Mundita was her name. This lady was bedecked in jewels from head to toe. She so reminded me of the title of a song by Seals and Crofts called "Diamond Girl".

To say I was astounded at her appearance would be an understatement. Her features and massive cloaking of jewels left a lasting impression on me. Frankly, I couldn't help but stare at this striking lady. Thankfully for me, I wasn't busted by her noticing my piercing looks and thus I never had to endure that embarrassment.

Although she was older than me, I was interested. Very interested.

I learned however, she was something of a saint especially to single women.

The trip to Europe wasn't something I planned.

My mother was looking to venture beyond the border and decided she wanted to see something she that would have been a once in a lifetime vacation. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for me, my father had no desire to take the trip. He was genuinely claustrophobic, and an 8-10 hour jet ride would have not had a pleasant ending or for that matter beginning.

Mom was determined to go, but not alone. So she made me a deal.She would pay for the trip as long as I was her escort and I paid for any side trips and incidentals.

It was a deal I couldn't refuse.

Oh, by the way, meet my Mundita

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