Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In The Beginning

The Book of Genesis begins with the words In the Beginning.

Many things have some sort of beginning.

The Point of Beginning is a mark that indicates the joining of the boundries of Ohio, the now West Virginia and Pennsylvania just east of East Liverpool, Ohio.

When the Point was first laid out, the boundry was Pennsylvania, Virginia and the beginning of the Northwest Territory or land that was given to the federal government by Virginia and other states. The point was chosen because the southern boundry of Pensylvania had been determined at this point, but the western boundry hadn't.

It also marks the beginning location for the surveying of public lands that led to the opening of the Northwest Territory, and is the starting point of the surveys of all other lands to the west, reaching all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The photos displayed here were taken on Saturday July 21, 2007 at the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. The West Virginia border is some 1100 feet south of these markers at the shore of the Ohio River.

The land is private, owned by a manufacturing company that stradles the Ohio-Pennsylvania border. The marker itself is often under the current of the Ohio river.

If you click on the photos, the wording is easier to read. A more complete history can be found at this link.

The location is just across the river and about a mile down the road from the World's Largest Teapot written about earlier in this blog.

The signs seen in the photos are just across the border from each other.

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