Sunday, July 15, 2007

Got Faith?

Returning from the Marblehead Lighthouse yesterday, we passed a sign near Fremont, Ohio on Ohio Route 53.

I immediately saw the words "got faith?" No biggie. I'm used to seeing signs, especially in this post 9/11 era with a message of faith.

But it was with a second glance that I saw the spigot with the water turning into wine as it flowed into the goblet.

What a unique visual play to present a scripture found in the bible. (John Chapter 2).

It took a moment to sink in what the billboard message was trying to teach and reach as thousands of drivers passed and catch a glimpse of it.

But it did make me think. Even more so than the many times I have seen the sleek blond in the black dress used so often in the alcohol ads seen on billboards across the nation. Sure, she's downright beautiful, but for the life of me, I can't remember the brand or type of alcohol she's advertising. But etched in my mind will forever be the old fashioned spigot, the trail of water and the splash of wine as it entered the glass.

I'm not sure whether this type of advertising is effective. Here's why. While I will distinctly remember the visual, I saw it as more unique rather than a message to change my spritual life.

Did it make me want to suddenly renew or improve my relationship with Christ? No.

Does it impact others who may be seeking a solution to an emptiness in their life. Possibly. No one but they know what's in their hearts and minds. No one can know what needs or position in life they may be in when they pass the billboard.

I can say it made me think more about what the message was trying to convey and the effectiveness of the technique rather than the status and depth of my faith.

And maybe it wasn't designed as much of a direct response message or a call to action message as much as it was designed to plant a seed. A memory in the back of your mind that will be recalled when you need it.

A search of the web found that Holy Cross Family Ministries of North Easton, Mass. is the organization behind the billboard messages.

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