Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old Man's Cave

Sunday, Diana and I took some time and went to the Hocking Hills. For those who have never heard of the area, it is one of the prettiest areas in Ohio for natural wonders.

Although often overlooked as a destination place for scenic areas, Ohio has many areas of great beauty. Sure, in general we don't compete with the Grand Canyon area, the canyons of Utah, the mountains of New England or the coastal cliffs along the Pacific shoreline, but we do have some areas that are still breathtaking.

We've been to old mans cave a number of times, yet we both agreeded we've never found it to be so peaceful and beautiful as we did this trip.

The rest of this post is a collection of snap shots that show portions of our tour from the upper to the lower falls. I only wish I could capture in the camera what I actually see in person. If you only get a fraction of the beauty and peace we enjoyed this past Sunday, you'll understand how we felt standing in the valley of the canyon. Enjoy.

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