Friday, May 8, 2009

My Weekend--Flint Ridge and Black Hand Gorge

Here it is, a new weekend already and I've not chronicled my last weekend.

Late Saturday I ventured over to Flint Ridge and Black Hand Gorge.

What you're seeing is an outcropping of flint. The flint that was used by native Indians to make weapons, arrowheads and strikers. In later years, the flint was quarried at this site, although now it is a state park.

As you can see by the path, the flint is everywhere here. Look closely at the path between the two outcroppings. As I said all over the place.

A bit further up the road is Black Hand Gorge. Nestled along the north branch of the Licking River, this wall is supposed to have a black hand like appearance. As I do with fine art, I simply don't see it. Maybe you do.

I did find the trail cut through the rock to be pretty and interesting. It appears there must have been a railroad that once went through this area and they carved a path through the rock.

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