Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What Ever Happened to the Perfect Partner?

So what ever became of the "Dee" portion of Bob and Dee after the break up of one of the most heavily promoted searches for a "Perfect Partner"?
Well to be honest, I hadn't made the connection until some 34 years after the fact.

The Bob and Dee team were to be the cornerstone of the WBNS-AM on air personnel. When Bob left the station, Dee was left somewhat holding the bag.

Saving the day, one of the WBNS air staff had left the station to become general manager at WNCI in 1980 and took on Dee. An on air name change, from Dee Borrows to "Dee Miller" was undertaken and Dee emerged as WNCI's traffic reporter.

Because of the name of Miller and the fact that WNCI was never really a first stop station for me, recognizing the Dee that returned to the air escaped me.

Dee was heard on WNCI until she stepped down in June of 1995 to spend time with grandchildren and take some college classes.

Footnote and update.  Dee passed away on February 6, 2013 after a short illness.  She was 68.  

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