Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleepy Time Gal

In late September, 1950, WBNS added a new personality to the line up. "Candy" became the areas first female disc jockey. She was initially paired with another gentleman, but later the show became a solo act. The solo act show was entitled "Sleepy Time Gal". "Candy" was June Candice Colbert. A recent graduate of Ohio State University, "Candy" was born in New York City and raised in the Cleveland area. Her mother was Jean Colbert, a radio personality and one of the first female sportscasters. Her mother had worked in radio in Philly, New York and Cleveland before joining WTIC in Hartford in 1947. "Candy's" mother remained at WTIC for several years, hosting a very popular midday show and retiring in 1976. Can't find much on "Candy" these days. It appears she was engaged to marry a law student from Toledo, OH by the name of Robert Kaplan in August of 1949. Kaplan was to attend Ohio State University as a law student in the fall of 1949. She was later married to Samuel Lamensdorf who was an early pioneer in long term health care plans. It appears that June Lamenbsdorf now reside in New York City. The "Sleepy Time Gal" program lasted a short period of time.

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