Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Johnny Dollar

Jim Pidcock who went under the air name Johnny Dollar in 1962 as a jock at WVKO.

Dollar left WVKO when it dropped it's top 50 format to adapt a black format in March, 1963. It was rumored he was going to Florida with Dave Hull, but it appears he headed north. By November of '63 he was back in Columbus and was upon to do mornings at WTVN replacing Tom George who had been let go in October. 

Pidcock would continue to host the morning show at the station until the summer of 1965.  At that time, he was promoted to program director, a post he held until 1968 when he went in sales and sales management.  In 1975, he was promoted to manage WTVN a position he held for about a decade.  Jim also managed WBBY in suburban Columbus as well as WDAE in Tampa and for a time managed in the Saga Communications group. 


Bob Ladd said...

When I was a kid in green Springs Ohio Johnny was my hero. I loved to listen to the dollar hits on WTVN. As a matter of fact I went into radio after that and stayed in the business all my life so I guess he was one of the reasons.
Bob Ladd
Marco Island, FL

Chris Johnston. said...

Bob: Thank you for checking in. My understanding is "Johnny Dollar" resides not to far from you in the Tampa-St. Pete area.