Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I've Learned with this Blog

I often look to see the posts that are visited and the location of the visitors of this blog.

The two most popular pages are the one where I write about former WTVN Columbus radio host Bill Smith who is now working in the Boston market and the post about the Bluegrass Story Teller, bluegrass artist James King. Usually the web search for King centers on the lyrics from his recording Echo Mountain.

Not so far behind those two articles is the one I wrote about long ago WBNS radio host Irwin Johnson, also known as the Early Worm.

Johnson hasn't been heard on Columbus radio since 1969, yet this blog has received over 25 hits with people reading about the Early Worm.

It's also funny that some of the stories I posted have received few if any visits. I thought for sure the article on The Perfect Partner and Bob Conners would be remembered and a often hit page. It isn't.

I sometimes wonder why visitors seldom leave a message. I would love to know why they visited and what they thought.

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