Monday, December 22, 2008

Rockin Christmas Courthouse

Found a diamond in the ruff this past weekend.

Diana and I went to Olgebay to see the Christmas lights. As usual, the display didn't disappoint. And we found the secret to not waiting in a long line to finally get to the park. Get to the park before 5 pm. No 2 hour wait from the freeway to the light show.

Cinderella's coach was one of about 80 displays set throughout the park. Really nice show.

But the true diamond in the ruff was the Guernsey County Courthouse.

We had exited the freeway on the way back home and was looking for someplace unique to eat. We drove up SR 208 to downtown Cambridge and as we approached the center of town, the Guernsey County Courthouse was in the midst of a light show animated to music.

First, this is one of the traditional looking courthouses found in the county seats of most cities with a gothic style of architecture. These courthouses are truly a beauty. But to see the light show so well done on this structure was a sight to behold.

The music is mostly Mannheim Steamroller and Trans Siberian Orchestra music. Perfect for light animation and coordination.

O'm always a fan of the little guy and the little town. Large cities and those who were blessed with wealth have always had the muscle to pull something off. Things small often struggle to find a niche and when they do, find it difficult to curry the resources together to make it work or pull it off.

And while I'm not a fan of grading on a curve, when the Camgridges and Guernsey Countys of the world put together a show as good as this one, they deserve an extra measure of appreciation for a job well done.

Here's a Link to the local newspapers video of the show. Some of the lower light effects cannot be seen well on this video, but watch the whole video to the end and enjoy a really neat way to celebrate the holiday season.

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