Saturday, August 18, 2007

Woody Hayes

But everyone in the Shoe remembers and reveres the high priest who stormed the sidelines.

Wayne Woodrow Hayes, known to millions as Woody Hayes ruled the Shoe in the glory days.

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Woody was larger than life. He could charm one moment. Explode the next. He was a student of history. He loved historical metaphores. As shown by the picture, in a short sleeved shirt in the midst of a snow storm he'd prowl the side chalk line, plotting, scheming and directing his teams.

This note is not to edify or destroy the man. I personally never knew the him. I do remember watching him on his Woody Hayes TV show in the 60's and 70's interview his players. I remember people loving to hate him. But after his career ended, he was fondly remembered by players and fans alike. That is a legacy.

Today I drove by the cemetary where Woody was laid to rest. I thought I would drive in see if I could find his tombstone. You'd expect something amost extragant. Yet it was very modest.

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Nothing more to really say. I can only salute a legend. Woody, thank you for the memories.

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